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Boeing’s Starliner struggles vindicate space competition

Private firms operating under contract with the federal government have formed the new backbone of space commercialization and exploration.

Sean Kennedy June 29, 2023
The WasteWatcher

Biden's Budget and the SMART Prices Act Will Devastate Drug Development

Pharmaceutical price controls in President Biden's budget and the SMART Choices Act will devastate drug development.

Thomas Schatz June 23, 2023
The WasteWatcher

Lockheed Martin Contradicts Pentagon, Backs Wasteful Alternate Engine

Congress should ignore complaints from Lockheed Martin and defund the wasteful F-35 alternate engine.

Sean Kennedy June 22, 2023
The WasteWatcher

The Gas Stove Debate is Heating Up

The Biden administration’s proposed gas stove ban puts consumers at risk for higher energy costs and diminished services. 

Christina Smith June 22, 2023

As it plans NGAD fighter, Pentagon must learn from past failures

 The classified and secretive NGAD will cost “multiples” of the F-35, meaning each aircraft will cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sean Kennedy June 13, 2023
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Leads Coalition Opposing F-35 Alternate Engine

Funding the alternate engine would divert money from much-needed modernization efforts across the DOD

Eric Maus June 13, 2023
The WasteWatcher

New Study Exposes More Exploitation and Waste in the 340B Drug Discount Program

A new study, “The 340B Drug Discount Program Exceeds $100B in 2022,” shows the program is misused.

Christina Smith June 9, 2023
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Urges House of Representatives to Support H.R. 277

H.R. 277 would increase transparency and ensure a high standard of quality in the government's rule-making process. 

Eric Maus June 7, 2023
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Joins Coalition Opposing Tobacco Prohibition in Appropriations Bill

Banning a certain type of cigarettes would create an unregulated black market. 

Eric Maus June 6, 2023
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Urges House of Representatives to Support H.R. 1640 and H.R. 1615

Ending the use of gas stoves puts consumers at a greater risk for increased energy prices and diminished services. 

Eric Maus June 6, 2023
State Action

CCAGW Urges Nevada Senate to Oppose SB 509

SB 509 would grant $380 million in public subsidies and tax breaks for the construction of a stadium for the Oakland Athletics in Las Vegas.

Ryan Lanier May 31, 2023
The WasteWatcher

Taxpayers Do Not Get Everything They Want But They Get What They Need

The Fiscal Responsibility Act is what taxpayers need and will lead to more of what they want to reduce wasteful spending.

Thomas Schatz May 30, 2023


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