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Letters to Officials

CAGW Sends Letter to UK APPG for Vaping

Banning any vaping product will always push consumers to find them somewhere else.

Cody Leach January 28, 2021
State Action

CCAGW Urges Maryland Senate Finance Committee to Oppose SB 273

If SB 273 passes and is signed into law, it would ban flavored vapes from being sold in Maryland.

Frances Floresca January 27, 2021
The WasteWatcher

The Raise the Wage Act will Kill Jobs, Provide Less Pay, and Hurt States

The Raise the Wage Act will kill jobs and hurt states if enacted. 

Frances Floresca January 27, 2021
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Sends Letter to House Urging the Formation of a New Grace Commission

CCAGW urges House of Representatives to sign letter requesting President Biden reconvene a new Grace Commission.

Cody Leach January 27, 2021
The WasteWatcher

The IRS Continues to Send Checks to Ghosts

Almost 1.1 million payments worth $1.4 billion had been paid to dead people. 

Cody Leach January 26, 2021
State Action

CCAGW Urges North Dakota Senate Human Services Committee to Oppose SB 2170

CCAGW urges North Dakota Senate Human Services Committee to oppose SB 2170, which adopts Canadian-style price controls.

Frances Floresca January 26, 2021
The WasteWatcher

Reforms are Needed for Financing the Universal Service Fund

The current funding mechanism for the Universal Service Fund is unsustainable and needs to be reviewed.

Deborah Collier January 25, 2021
Press Release

CAGW Names Gov. Gavin Newsom January 2021 Porker of the Month

Gov. Gavin Newsom is hurting Californians with his hypocritical and ineffective policies on COVID-19.

CAGW Staff January 25, 2021
Letters to Officials

CAGW Joins Coalition To Oppose Price Controls

CAGW joins 75 national and state-based organizations expressing their opposition to pharmaceutical price controls under the Most Favored Nations policy. 

Cody Leach January 25, 2021
The WasteWatcher

Killing the XL Pipeline is Not the Way to Build Back Better

President Biden’s campaign promise was to “Build Back Better.”  But one of his first actions was to lay off thousands of Keystone XL Pipeline workers, stopping future expansion that would have created 60,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Elizabeth Wright January 22, 2021
Agency Comments

CAGW submits comments to CMS reaffirming its opposition to its Most Favored Nation Policy

Most Favored Nation Policy implements destructive price controls, which destroy innovation and never solve the problem for which they were created.

Cody Leach January 22, 2021
The WasteWatcher

States Should Let Congress Take the Lead on Consumer Privacy Laws

While states should act in the interests of their residents when necessary, privacy is not one of those issues.

Frances Floresca January 19, 2021


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