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State Action

Coalition to Maryland Gov. Hogan - Veto HB 732

April 13, 2020 The Honorable Larry Hogan Governor 100 State Circle Annapolis, Maryland 21301 Dear Governor Hogan:

Peter Klensch April 13, 2020
The WasteWatcher

How Will Pharmacists Play a Role in Reopening America?

Discussions grow on how and when Americans will return to work.

Elizabeth Wright April 10, 2020
The WasteWatcher

How Big Tobacco is Helping to Fight COVID-19

An eye-catching article was in Politico's February 18 edition, “How the Tobacco Industry Could Join the Coronavirus Fight.”

Elizabeth Wright April 9, 2020
The WasteWatcher

The Antibody Tests are Coming

There has been a lot of talk about all the COVID-19 tests that are being developed.

Elizabeth Wright April 8, 2020
The WasteWatcher

Every State Should Have STLD Healthcare Insurance Plans

There have been a chorus of calls for the Trump administration to reopen a special enrollment period for Obamacare.

Elizabeth Wright April 7, 2020
Letters to Officials

Coalition Urges Waiver of SBA Affiliation Rule

CCAGW joins coalition urging the Trump Administration to continue cutting unnecessary red tape.

Peter Klensch April 7, 2020
The WasteWatcher

Even in a Crisis, 5G Deployment is Underway

Despite delays in mid-band spectrum auctions, 5G deployment must continue.

Deborah Collier April 7, 2020
Letters to Officials

Coalition Opposes “Buy American” Mandates on Medicines

CCAGW joins coalition urging opposition to any "Buy American" proposals for medicines.

Peter Klensch April 7, 2020

Lost in space: Time to rethink the Space Launch System

Federal Times: The United States may return to the moon, but the costs might be out of this world before anyone lands there again.

Sean Kennedy April 6, 2020
The WasteWatcher

Obamacare's Ten Year Anniversary Goes Unnoticed

It is hard to believe that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, was ten years old last month on March 23, 2010.

Elizabeth Wright April 3, 2020
The WasteWatcher

New Fuel Standards Put Drivers’ Safety and Affordability First

The SAFE Vehicle Rule will promote more affordable, cleaner, and safer cars for American drivers.

Peter Klensch April 3, 2020
The WasteWatcher

The FDA is Being Kept Very Busy - And That's Good

On March 31, the FDA announced the “Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program."

Elizabeth Wright April 2, 2020


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