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Letters to Officials

CCAGW Urges Senate to Oppose S. 4822

S. 4822 attacks donor privacy and infringes on the freedom to associate in America. 

Eric Maus September 22, 2022

Privatization of Space Includes Broadband Services

The satellites being sent into space need access to spectrum, including in the 17 GHz band, to provide broadband access on Earth.

Deborah Collier September 22, 2022

Biden's student loan bailout is proof the higher education system is broken

President Joe Biden’s student loan “relief” plan is an egregious redistribution of wealth.

Christina Smith September 22, 2022
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Urges Senate Judiciary Committee to Oppose S. 673

Government carveouts stifle innovation and competition and there is no reason to believe S. 673 will achieve its goals.

Eric Maus September 14, 2022
The WasteWatcher

F-35 Delays Leave Air Force Reliant on Aging Aircraft

The delays in the F-35 have caused the Air Force to rely on aircraft that should have been retired by now.

Sean Kennedy September 13, 2022
The WasteWatcher

An Interoperable EHR System is Closer than Ever

VA and DOD have been trying to develop interoperable EHR systems for 40 years. New efforts make this project closer to fruition.

Deborah Collier September 13, 2022
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Leads Coalition Urging Senate Judiciary Committee to Support American Music Fairness Act

The American Music Fairness Act addresses inequities in copyright royalties for recorded performances of music. 

Eric Maus September 13, 2022
The WasteWatcher

The IRA Could Make the IRS Preparer, Bill, and Enforcer

The Inflation Reduction Act requires the IRS study becoming a tax preparation service to compete against the private sector.

Deborah Collier September 8, 2022
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Urges Senate Judiciary Committee to Oppose S. 673

Government favoritism in the form of carveouts from current laws fails to create competition and innovation.

Eric Maus September 7, 2022
The WasteWatcher

Report Exposes Misspent COVID Relief Funds in Tennessee Schools

Tennessee school districts wasted millions of dollars in COVID relief on projects unrelated to the pandemic or learning recovery.

Ryan Lanier September 7, 2022
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Joins Coalition Urging Congress to Support the Progress Payments Incentive Pilot in FY23 NDAA

The Progress Payments Incentive Pilot program would avoid costly delays and improve oversight of the defense industry. 

Eric Maus September 6, 2022
State Action

CCAGW Urges North Dakota Health Care Committee to Oppose Drug Price Control Legislation

Price controls distort markets, hurt innovation, and never solve the problems they are created to fix. 

Ryan Lanier September 6, 2022


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