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House Votes for Biden’s Build Back Broke Bill

The BBBA is a disastrous and wasteful bill that will raise costs further for all Americans and increase government control.

Christina Herrin November 20, 2021
The WasteWatcher

Methane Taxes Will Stifle American Energy Production

Methane taxes will damage American energy production and put the country further into debt.

Christina Herrin November 19, 2021
Letters to Officials

CAGW Sends "Pharmaceutical Price Controls are Bad Medicine" to Congress

Drug price controls will threaten medical innovation, reduce research and development, and cost American jobs.

Eric Maus November 19, 2021
The WasteWatcher

Build Back Better Act Will Destroy Vibrant U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry

CAGW's latest report “Price Controls on Pharmaceuticals Are Bad Medicine,” analyzes destructive policies in the BBBA.

Thomas Schatz November 19, 2021

Pharmaceutical Price Controls are Bad Medicine

Price controls will result in increased drug prices, less innovation, and fewer new drugs.

CAGW Staff November 19, 2021
The WasteWatcher

Three Reforms States Should Consider After the COVID-19 Pandemic

States should reform how they raise revenue, plan better for the future, and relax workforce regulations. 

Ryan Lanier November 18, 2021
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Joins Coalition Opposing Drug Price Controls in H.R. 5376, the Build Back Better Act

Price controls and inflation penalties threaten medial innvoation, reduce research and innovation, and threaten American jobs.

Eric Maus November 17, 2021
Press Release

CAGW Names Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez November 2021 Porker of the Month

CAGW named Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Porker of the Month for pressuring President Joe Biden to cancel student loan debt.

CAGW Staff November 17, 2021
State Action

CCAGW Urges Oklahoma Legislature to Oppose Legislation Interfering With Employer-Sponsored Health Benefit Plans

The Oklahoma legislature should not interfere with valuable and successful private contracts between PBMs and their clients.

Ryan Lanier November 15, 2021
The WasteWatcher

The Republic is Safe, For Now

Congress has been on recess for a week, so the nation is safe from more prolific spending - for now. 

Elizabeth Wright November 12, 2021
The WasteWatcher

Chicago’s New Budget Contains Harmful Taxes and Unsustainable Programs

Chicago's new budget raises taxes and pours federal relief funds into unsustainable progams. 

Ryan Lanier November 12, 2021
The WasteWatcher

Big Business is Not Bad Business

The consumer welfare standard has helped keep the U.S. as the world's leading economy and should not be abandoned. 

Eric Maus November 10, 2021


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