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Dueling Agencies - Part 2?

The CDC should not confuse what the FDA has determined regarding tobacco harm reduction products.

Elizabeth Wright February 19, 2021
Letters to Officials

Statement for the Record Opposing Raise in Minimum Wage

CCAGW submits statement for record to express objections to proposals to increase the federal minimum wage to $15.00 per hour

Cody Leach February 18, 2021
State Action

CCAGW Urges Alabama Governor Kay Ivey to Sign SB 76

CCAGW urges Governor Kay Ivey (R-Ala.) to sign a bill that would provide enhanced application processing for wireless small cell siting.

Frances Floresca February 17, 2021
The WasteWatcher

States Should Make Telemedicine Measures Permanent

State legislatures should work to make telemedicine permanent for patients even after the coronavirus pandemic. 

Frances Floresca February 16, 2021
Press Release

CAGW Names Names Gov. Jim Justice February 2021 Porker of the Month

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice (R) is the Porker of the Month for wanting to throw away nearly $2 trillion of the taxpayers’ money.

Alexandra Abrams February 16, 2021
State Action

CCAGW Urges North Dakota Senate to Oppose SB 2170

CCAGW urges North Dakota Senate to oppose SB 2170, which adopts Canadian-style price controls.

Frances Floresca February 12, 2021
State Action

CCAGW Urges Oklahoma Senate Appropriations Committee to Oppose SB 734

CCAGW urges Oklahoma Senate Appropriations Committee to oppose SB 734, which adopts Canadian-style price controls.

Frances Floresca February 12, 2021
The WasteWatcher

Unmasking President Biden’s Free Mask Plan

The Biden administration is considering having the U.S. Post Office send masks to every U.S. household.

Elizabeth Wright February 11, 2021
Letters to Officials

No Price Controls in Covid-19 Relief Package

CCAGW opposes efforts to double down on Medicaid’s price controls that already distort the marketplace.

Cody Leach February 10, 2021
Letters to Officials

CAGW Calls for Reform of 340B Safety Net Program

Opposes Dear Colleague letter that will not solve ongoing problems.

Cody Leach February 10, 2021
State Action

CCAGW Urges Maryland House Economic Matters Committee to Oppose HB 134

If HB 134 passes and is signed into law, it would ban flavored vapes from being sold in Maryland.

Frances Floresca February 9, 2021
The WasteWatcher

A Silver Anniversary Worth Noting

A path forward for telecommunications on the 25th Anniversary of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Deborah Collier February 8, 2021


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