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USPS Plan Cannot Be Delivered As PMG DeJoy Obstinately Claims

Despite growing evidence of problems, PMG DeJoy doubles down on his Delivering for America plan to supposedly save USPS.

Thomas Schatz July 10, 2024
The WasteWatcher

The FTC Wrongly Blames PBMs for High Drug Prices

The FTC fails to acknowledge the benefits of pharmacy benefit managers and wrong blames them for high drug prices.

Christina Smith July 9, 2024
The WasteWatcher

House Defense Bills Break with Pentagon Guidance

Disagreements between the Pentagon and the House of Representatives over the number of F-35s to be purchased will drive up costs.

Sean Kennedy July 8, 2024

During Shark Week, New Ad Campaign Urges Congress to “Stop the Feeding Frenzy” on 340B Drug Pricing Program

CCAGW launches effort urging Congress to address 340B reform promptly and responsibly 

Deborah Collier July 8, 2024
The WasteWatcher

SCOTUS Delivers a Blow to the Regulatory State

Chevron deference is overturned by the Supreme Court in its ruling in favor of Loper Bright Enterprises.

Deborah Collier June 28, 2024
The WasteWatcher

GAO Annual Report Provides Opportunities to Cut Wasteful Spending

Government Accountability Office suggests cost-cutting measures for student loans, federal office space, and other expenditures

Alec Mena June 28, 2024

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