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Vote NO on HB 2200 - Internet Privacy - Washington

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Washington State Legislature

House of Representatives

Committee on Technology & Economic Development

416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW

Olympia, Washington 98504


Dear Representative,

On behalf of the 48,444 members and supporters of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste in the state of Washington, I urge you to oppose HB 2200, regarding internet privacy protections.

On April 3, 2017, President Trump signed S. J. Res. 34 into law, which prevented the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) privacy rules for internet service providers (ISPs) from going into effect.  The legislation has the effect of restoring enforcement authority over ISPs to the Federal Trade Commission, which is where it had resided for many years along with every other aspect of internet privacy.

Unfortunately, rather than allowing this process to move forward and re-establish uniform, nationwide internet privacy protections at the federal level, HB 2200 would create new internet privacy protections enforceable under the Washington Consumer Protection Act.  Not only would this begin to create a patchwork of state laws that conflict with federal law, HB 2200 would also create a double standard for ISPs that is more stringent than the rules imposed on any other industry that collects consumer data, such as healthcare companies, retail websites, and edge providers that maintain consumer financial information for payment services. 

Legal, policy, and technical experts have all concluded that the access of ISPs to consumer data is neither unique nor comprehensive.   HB 2200 would unfairly target ISPs; impose significant costs to the industry; stifle competition, innovation, and investment; and fail to make any improvements to consumer privacy.

Every actor involved in the internet should be subject to the same rules, enforced by the same authority.  Neither the federal government nor the Washington legislature should impose significant burdens on one industry over another.  Therefore, I urge you to oppose HB 2200.


Tom Schatz

President, CCAGW

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