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Texas - Support SB 1152

State Action

March 22, 2019

Texas Senate
State Capitol
Austin, TX 78701

Dear Senators,

On behalf of the 148,867 members and supporters of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) in Texas, I urge you to support SB 1152.  This important legislation would ensure a fair system of taxation for telecommunications providers and enhance the strength of Texas as a national leader in the tech and telecom space.

Under outdated and duplicative laws, if a provider using a city’s right-of-way sends both telephone calls and video over the same line, the provider must pay the city twice, even though the impact to the city’s right-of-way is completely unchanged.  This burdensome double taxation results in higher prices for all consumers in Texas. 

SB 1152 would end this unfair practice and streamline the taxes that telecommunications providers pay, resulting in increased competition, more options, and lower prices for consumers.  The bill would require providers to pay the city the larger of the two taxes, thus ensuring that cities across Texas continue to receive fair compensation for rights-of-way. 

SB 1152 represents sound policy that removes unnecessary taxes, ensures fair treatment of businesses, and reduces the heavy hand of government to the benefit of consumers.  I urge you to support this legislation.


Thomas A. Schatz

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