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Connecticut - Oppose Increases in Wireless Taxes

State Action

September 14, 2017

Connecticut General Assembly
State Capitol
Hartford, CT 06106

Dear legislators,

On behalf of the 23,109 members and supporters of Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) in Connecticut, I write to urge you to oppose any new wireless taxes, including the proposed budget deal that includes a tax increase of $1.00 per consumer per month. 

Wireless consumers in Connecticut are already taxed extensively.  They pay a 6.35 percent state tax on wireless service and a $0.58 monthly fee to fund the state’s emergency communications system.  Indeed, 14 percent of the cost of each wireless consumer’s bill goes to federal and state taxes and fees.  The $1.00 increase would raise that amount to 16.5 percent, or 18 percent higher than the current level of taxes.

This regressive tax increase would punish low-income residents and those on fixed incomes, including seniors.  The state budget should not be balanced by squeezing more money out of those who can least afford to pay.  Many poor Connecticut families have already given up wireless service.  For these citizens, wireless internet is a crucial link—sometimes the only link—to jobs, healthcare, education, and opportunity. 

Even as the state struggles with annual deficits of nearly $2 billion, the total tax burden in Connecticut is the second highest in the United States.  High taxes have already caused job creators to flee the state.

The last thing Nutmeggers need is an increase in their wireless bill.  I urge you to protect consumers and taxpayers by rejecting this harmful tax increase.


Thomas A. Schatz


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