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CCAGW Urges North Dakota Senate Human Services Committee to Oppose SB 2170

CCAGW urges North Dakota Senate Human Services Committee to oppose SB 2170, which adopts price controls for prescription drugs in Canada. 

CAGW Names Gov. Gavin Newsom January 2021 Porker of the Month

Gov. Gavin Newsom is hurting Californians with his hypocritical and ineffective policies on COVID-19.

CAGW Joins Coalition To Oppose Price Controls

CAGW joins 75 national and state-based organizations expressing their opposition to pharmaceutical price controls under the Most Favored Nations policy. 

CAGW submits comments to CMS reaffirming its opposition to its Most Favored Nation Policy

Most Favored Nation Policy implements destructive price controls, which destroy innovation and never solve the problem for which they were created.

Massachusetts Tobacco Flavor Ban Simply Shifted Markets

Massachusetts became the first state to permanently ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products in an effort to stop youth vaping and improve health.  The law just shifted markets.

January 15, 2021 — Elizabeth Wright 1610748684

PBMs File Complaint Against Unwise HHS Rebate Rule

Introducing more private competition will do far more to lower drugs costs for both beneficiaries and taxpayers. 

January 12, 2021 — Elizabeth Wright 1610471522

CCAGW Urges North Dakota House Human Services Committee to Oppose HB 1032

CCAGW urges the House Human Services Committee in North Dakota to oppose drug cost transparency legislation. 

A Bumpy Ride Ahead on Healthcare Policy

Boosted by their double win in Georgia for two Senate seats, the Democrats will control the legislative and executive branches of government. 

January 8, 2021 — Elizabeth Wright 1610141400

Top 21 Issues for States in 2021

As states prepare for their legislative sessions, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) suggests states should focus on these 21 critical issues. 

December 15, 2020 — Frances Floresca 1608063752

Bad Policies Are Being Proposed by HHS Secretary Nominee Xavier Becerra

The first clue that Joe Biden, the presumptive 46th President of the United States, was choosing someone he did not know well as his nominee for secretary of HHS was when he mispronounced his name and incorrectly named the agency he would direct.

December 11, 2020 — Elizabeth Wright 1607728216

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