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House Defense Bills Break with Pentagon Guidance

Disagreements between the Pentagon and the House of Representatives over the number of F-35s to be purchased will drive up costs.

July 8, 2024 — Sean Kennedy 1720472315

CCAGW Urges Representatives to Support Amendment to H.R. 8752

Amendment 18 reduces DHS funding by $10 million and transfers to the spending reduction account. 

CCAGW Urges Representatives to Support Amendment to H.R. 8771

Amendment 50 prohibits funds from enforcing any rule or regulation that will cost the economy $100 million or more. 

President Biden's Budget Will Raise Taxes and Federal Debt

President Biden's FY 2025 budget would increase government spending, restore IRS funding, and raise taxes


March 29, 2024 — Eric Maus 1711740940

New GAO Report Warns of Worsening Federal Debt

If Congress fails to act, Americans may face rampant inflation or a sovereign debt crisis.

February 26, 2024 — Alec Mena 1708923600

CBO Projects Record High Deficits and Debt

The CBO projects that the federal budget deficit is already at $1.6 trillion and will grow by $20 trillion over the next decade.

February 20, 2024 — Eric Maus 1708405200

Establishing a Fiscal Commission Could Help Reduce Federal Spending

An effective spending control commission should draw inspiration from the Grace Commission and CARFA. 

December 21, 2023 — Alec Mena 1703197746