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CCAGW Joins Coalition Supporting the Rural Internet Improvement Act of 2023

The USDA's ReConnect Program should be reformed to better deliver broadband dollars to rural areas that need support the most.

CCAGW Leads Coalition Supporting Reform to U.S. Sugar Program

The sugar program desperately needs reforms to benefit consumers, taxpayers, manufacturers, and the environment. 

California Declares War on Pork

A new California law threatens to limit Californians' access to pork and drive up prices nationwide.

January 11, 2022 — Ryan Lanier 1641916221

Climate Change is Not New or the End of the World

Steve Koonin's WSJ OpEd “Climate Change Brings a Flood of Hyperpole" sends a sober message about the Green New Deal

August 19, 2021 — Elizabeth Wright 1629385050

CCAGW Signs Coalition Letter Opposing Double Death Tax

Eliminating the stepped up basis will harm families and small businesses, and create a double death tax. 

Time to Review and Reduce Duplicative Housing Programs

On October 22, 2020, the Senate Budget Committee released a report highlighting overlap and duplication in federal housing programs.

October 22, 2020 — Deborah Collier 1603385879

How Big Tobacco is Helping to Fight COVID-19

An eye-catching article was in Politico's February 18 edition, “How the Tobacco Industry Could Join the Coronavirus Fight.”

April 9, 2020 — Elizabeth Wright 1586469125

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