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CCAGW Issues Biden/Ryan Vote Rating and Budget Comparison

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August 13, 2012


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CCAGW Issues Biden/Ryan Vote Rating and Budget Comparison

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) released a comparison of the 2012 vice presidential candidates’ voting records on legislation affecting government waste and the fiscal health of the federal government. The results emphatically indicate that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) voting record is far superior to that of former senator and current Vice President Joe Biden. Since 1989, CCAGW has examined all roll call votes to determine which members of Congress stand up for the taxpayers’ interests and which fail to promote fiscal responsibility, separating the praiseworthy from the profligate on critical tax, spending, transparency and accountability issues.

“Chairman Ryan’s 92 percent lifetime rating with CCAGW has earned him the status of ‘Taxpayer Hero,’ a distinction that he has earned both in the aggregate and during each of the 12 years that his votes have been rated,” said CCAGW President Tom Schatz. “In contrast, Vice President Biden earned an ‘unfriendly’ lifetime rating of just 22 percent during the 18 years in which CCAGW rated his votes. Obviously, Chairman Ryan has done a much better job of protecting the interests of taxpayers.

“In addition to his stellar voting record, Chairman Ryan has led the charge against skyrocketing federal budgets that threaten the government’s fiscal solvency and the prosperity of future generations. His “Path to Prosperity” budget stands in stark contrast to the “path to bankruptcy” budget that has been proposed by President Obama and Vice President Biden. Even Democrats recognized that the Obama-Biden budget was completely unreasonable, as both the House and Senate have unanimously rejected their plan.

“Many of the provisions of Chairman Ryan’s budget have been championed by CCAGW in the past and would constitute important victories for taxpayers in their own right, such as eliminating high-speed rail subsidies, cutting payments to prosperous farmers, and reducing the federal workforce by 10 percent.

“While Chairman Ryan’s plan has been called ‘extreme’ by opponents, including Vice President Biden, the term is more aptly applied to the annual budget deficits of more than $1 trillion and accumulated $5 trillion in debt that has been produced by the Obama administration over the past four years. Chairman Ryan has been and will remain an articulate advocate for a rational solution to the nation’s financial woes. CCAGW welcomes this critical debate over a clear choice between prosperity and bankruptcy through November 6 and beyond,” Schatz concluded.

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