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Letters to States Concerning 1332 Waivers

State Action

A similar letter, as written below, was sent to 12 states that are currently using a Sec. 1332 State Innovation Waiver, which is within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The waiver has been used to create a state reinsurance program that has helped to lower premium costs within the individual marketplace.


October 29, 2019

The Honorable Mike Dunleavy
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 110001
Juneau, Alaska  99811

Dear Governor Dunleavy,

On behalf of the 4,248 members and supporters for the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) in your state, I am urging you to contact your U.S. senators immediately and ask them to vote “no” on S. J. Res. 52, which is scheduled to be brought to the Senate floor on October 30, for a vote.

S. J. Res. 52 is a joint resolution of disapproval being considered under the Congressional Review Act.  It would make the October 22, 2018 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) guidance that provided more flexibility to utilizing Section 1332 State Innovation Waivers, found in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, have no force or effect. 

In other words, your state’s Section 1332 Innovation Waiver, approved by CMS, which gave the state the ability to pursue innovative strategies, is in jeopardy.  As you know, under the Section 1332 Waiver you have been able to utilize federal pass-through funding to create a reinsurance pool that is driving down insurance premiums in the individual insurance market, while allowing access to high-quality, affordable health insurance and protecting those with pre-existing conditions.

It is indeed disheartening that 47 senators have cosponsored this resolution, which would halt the successful Section 1332 Waivers program.  In several instances, senators could be voting against their own state’s best interests.  It would be better for the Senate and the House of Representatives to codify the guidance for Section 1332 Waivers into law, rather than destroy this initiative.

I have attached copies of the text of S. J. Res. 52 and the letter CCAGW sent to all senators on Tuesday, October 29.  I hope you will join CCAGW and ask your senators to oppose this resolution.  By doing so, your state and others will be allowed to continue to design and have approved innovation waivers that would address the state’s healthcare needs and help drive down healthcare costs.


Thomas Schatz

PDF of the Letters is here



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