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Coalition to Congress: Now is the Time to Pass the MERIT Act

Now is the Time to Pass the MERIT Act

October 16, 2018
Washington, DC

Conservatives have long advocated for reform of our civil service to address a system plagued with inefficiency and abuse. Currently, managers within the federal government struggle to fire underperforming employees. This is no more evident than by the public sector firing rate of 3.37% and the private sector firing rate of 17.27%. America needs across the board civil service reform.

The Modern Employment Reform, Improvement, and Transformation Act of 2017 (MERIT Act), has been introduced in both the Senate and the House to address these critical issues.

The MERIT Act takes the successful model implemented to reform the Veteran’s Administration, and applies it across the federal government. The bill creates a new process for the head of an agency to remove employees from the civil service for poor performance or misconduct, establishing a practical timeline of 7-21 days for the employee to receive notice, retaining the ability to appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board, setting a timeline of a maximum of 30 days for responding to appeals, and creating additional Congressional reporting requirements for the Merit Systems Protection Board when decisions are delayed.

It is more important than ever that Congress commit to quick consideration of this measure, particularly as unelected bureaucrats continue to boldly undermine President Trump. Poor performers–and those who seek to subvert the will of the administration under which they serve–should be held accountable.

We urge the quick consideration and passage of the MERIT Act to improve government efficiency, streamline effective delivery of services, and ensure accountability across the government.

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