CAGW One-Pager: Preventing Taxpayer Bailouts for Unprofitable Coal and Nuclear Plants

November 15, 2018

Good Morning,

The Trump Administration is once again ramping up efforts to bail out politically-favored sectors of the energy market: Coal and nuclear plants.  The White House is pushing talking points and unrealistic scenarios to justify actions that come with a steep taxpayer price tag – either through the monthly bills of millions of households or diverting precious Pentagon resources away from very real national security threats.  President Trump has ordered Secretary Perry to prepare immediate steps to stop unprofitable coal and nuclear plants from shuttering.  Providing corporate welfare and picking winners and losers in the energy market was wrong when President Obama did it, and it is wrong now.  Please see Citizens Against Government Waste’s one-pager (link below) regarding this critical issue.

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Allen Johnson
Director of Government Affairs, CAGW

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