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PRO Act Should Not Be Included in Budget Reconciliation

Among the many provisions of the reconciliation bills that are intended to promote the agenda of the labor unions is changing the definition of employees and independent contractors.  H.R.

September 15, 2021 — Eric Maus 1631678400

Looking at All the Wrong Places for Pay-Fors

Democrats are busy looking for ways to pay for their $3.5 trillion spending bill and you will be part of the calculation.

September 10, 2021 — Elizabeth Wright 1631288334

Will Michigan's State Legislators Micromanage PBMs?

Interfering in private contracts between pharmacy benefit managers and their customers will drive drug costs up, not down.

August 30, 2021 — Elizabeth Wright 1630359516

Good News Out of the Philippines on ENDS Products

How foreign grant money turned the tide of ENDS products in the Philippines.

August 26, 2021 — Elizabeth Wright 1630012300

CCAGW Urges Senate to Oppose S. Amendment 3635

Adding more price controls would be destructive to U.S. pharmaceutical research and future costs. 

CCAGW Urges Senators to Oppose Amendment 2435

Amending H.R. 3684 to include provisions changing the FCA is unrelated to the underlying purpose of the bill. 

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