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We Aren’t Greece...Yet

There was a great article by Holman Jenkins in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday entitled: "Behind the Noise, Entitlement Reform."  My summary of his piece is:

President Obama Meet Senator Obama

As we approach the debt-ceiling debate (expected to be sometime between mid-October and mid-November) it is worth to review what Senator Obama said about raising the debt ceiling in March, 2006.  You can find his statement in the Congressional Record here, page 2237. but I have provided it for you just below.

Before you read it, just a few things to remember.

You’re Kidding, More Government Excess?

I’ve written before about several reports released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), which catalog duplication of and excess in programs across the government.  The GAO offers suggestions on reducing the duplication that would release funding for other government programs and deficit reduction.  You can find my prior blogs here and here.

Unlike the Movie Monsters, Will the "Lifeline" Program Ever Die?

CAGW has repeatedly railed against the abuses of the “Lifeline” program, but much like Michael Myers (of “Halloween” fame), Jason Voorhees (of the “Friday the 13th” franchise), and George Romero’s zombies, this program simply refuses to die.

Just Give Me More Money to Spend

Well, finally a big government politician who admits it.  It’s almost refreshing.  Rep.

Boeing Bogusness is Business as Usual

Today, Citizens Against Government Waste expressed outrage over the revelation that laid-off Boeing workers in the state of Washington will qualify for federal Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), an unemployment benefits program that far exceeds the benefits normally handed out to unemployed workers.

A Diller, A Dollar, A Cost-Saving Scholar

On Monday, July 22nd, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) co-hosted a lunch briefing with the Dollar Coin Alliance (DCA), of which CCAGW is a member.  The purpose of the briefing was twofold:  first, to reiterate the benefits and considerable cost savings to be realized by a transition from the dollar bill to a dollar coin, and second, to highlight the release of a related study by Aaron Klein, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy and a past chief economist on the Senate’s banking committee.  His conclusion:  “…the budget impact of modernizing to the

Get a Dog

In Washington, there is an old saying.  If you want a friend, get a dog.   Figuratively speaking, it looks like Obamacare needs to find a dog.  The bad news about Obamacare and its implementation problems started as a trickle earlier this year but as it gets closer to October 1 when the Exchanges are suppose to be available for open season, troubling news is gushing out practically daily.  From reports of Capitol Hill Staff and Members of C

SIRF's Up!

Unfortunately, the title does not refer to the ideal sea conditions preferred by surfers .  Instead, the acronym SIRF stands for “Stolen Identity Refund Fraud,” a crime that is rising in Florida and beyond, to include nearby Georgia and farther-away Michigan.  Given the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS’) apparent inability to prevent this crime in the first place, it is likely to spread nationwide, swamping the country like a rogue wave.

Unions Wake Up from their Four-Year Slumber

Well, who would have thought that the very unions that spent millions of dollars to get Obamacare signed into law are now complaining to Democrat leaders in Congress about the same law, telling them, “We have a problem; you need to fix it.”


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