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FDA Hurts Patients By Authorizing Florida’s Drug Importation Program

On January 5, 2024, the U.S. FDA authorized Florida's drug importation program. 

Christina Smith January 12, 2024
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Urges House of Representatives to Support H.J. Res. 98

Lawmakers should overturn the NLRB's burdensome new regulation and enact pro-growth policies that will help the economy. 

Eric Maus January 11, 2024
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Joins Coalition Opposing Biden's Surrender on Digital Trade

Congress and the White House should support America's leading and most innovative industry. 

Eric Maus January 11, 2024
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Joins Coalition Supporting Pro-Growth Tax Legislation

Congress should start the new year with legislation that helps get our economy back on track.

Eric Maus January 9, 2024
The WasteWatcher

The House Passes CARS Act to Protect Consumer Choice

The House passed bill will protect consumer automobile choice and halt EPA emissions mandate.

Christina Smith December 29, 2023
The WasteWatcher

The IRS Moves Ahead With Confusing and Burdensome 1099-K Form

Restoring the previous 1099-K threshold would save taxpayers from unnecessary paperwork and greater confusion.

Eric Maus December 21, 2023
The WasteWatcher

Establishing a Fiscal Commission Could Help Reduce Federal Spending

An effective spending control commission should draw inspiration from the Grace Commission and CARFA. 

Alec Mena December 21, 2023
The WasteWatcher

Broadening Participation Will Strengthen National Security Space Launch Program

The Space Force has taken a positive step to increase competition in its National Security Space Launch program.

Sean Kennedy December 15, 2023
Agency Comments

CAGW Files Comments to the FCC On Proposed Net Neutrality Rulemaking

The re-classification of the internet as a Title II service will impose heavy-handed regulations and reduce broadband investments.

Eric Maus December 14, 2023
The WasteWatcher

CCAGW Celebrates a Year of Victories

2023 saw Council for Citizens Against Government Waste secure another round of legislative wins in Congress and the states

Alec Mena December 12, 2023
Letters to Officials

CCAGW Urges House of Representatives to Oppose H.R. 5378

H.R. 5378 would increase government intervention in the healthcare marketplace and reduce savings for patients. 

Eric Maus December 11, 2023
The WasteWatcher

Misguided Use of March-In Rights Will Harm Patients

The use of march-in rights to steal intellectual property will neither lower costs nor create more access to healthcare.

Christina Smith December 5, 2023


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