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CAGW Submits Comments to FCC on 5.850-5.925 GHz Band Usage

CAGW offers comments supporting the FCC's NPRM to expand and enhance the use of the 5.850 – 5.925 GHz spectrum band.

Strong National Intelligence Leadership Needed for 5G Security

The U.S. must have strong leaders who will protect our national security by creating a safe and secure 5G infrastructure and combatting China’s influence in other countries.

February 20, 2020 — Deborah Collier 1582233850

FCC Walks The Narrow Path on C-Band Auction

Walking the narrow path is not easy and appeasing multiple interests in a FCC proceeding is even more difficult. 

February 13, 2020 — Deborah Collier 1581608424

CCAGW Urges Opposition to H.R. 3941

CCAGW urges representatives to oppose H.R. 3941, the FedRAMP Reauthorization Act.

Bernie's $150 Billion Broadband Boondoggle

Government-owned broadband networks often overbuild existing networks and waste taxpayer dollars.  

January 27, 2020 — Deborah Collier 1580137992

CAGW Letter to Trump Administration on 5G Leadership

CAGW encourages the administration to continues its efforts to retain America's leadership role in researching and developing 5G network technologies and future wireless generations.

Missouri - Support SB 526

CCAGW urges Missouri State Senators to support SB 526.

Coalition Urges Significant Changes to Proposed Commerce Rule

Coalition of taxpayer and consumer advocacy groups urges signficant changes to proposed Commerce rule that would grant broad, undefined powers to the deparment over small businesses.

The Role of Facial Recognition for Law Enforcement

As facial recognition becomes widespread, the technology is raising concerns about privacy and security. 

December 17, 2019 — Deborah Collier 1576605671

CCAGW Urges Opposition to Any Modifications to H.R. 5035

CCAGW urges Congress to reject any attempt to modify H.R. 5035, the Television Viewer Protection Act of 2019, with provisions contained in or similar to H.R. 5140.

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