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Coalition Opposes H.R. 707 'Restore America's Wire Act'

Letters to Officials

October 27, 2015

Dear Messrs. Chairmen and Ranking Members:

We write to thank you for your leadership in protecting federalism and the idea that regulation of gaming is better left to the states.

When three states legalized and regulated online casino-style gaming for their residents, some Las Vegas brick and mortar casino owners pushed to reverse state laws that allowed online gaming and gambling.  They sought to prevent other states from exercising their constitutionally guaranteed powers to regulate intrastate commerce.  This push to restrict state regulation of Internet gaming runs contrary to the idea of federalism. 

The "Restore America's Wire Act," H.R. 707, would trample the rights of states, open the door to regulation of the Internet and is a textbook example of cronyism.  Over twenty conservative and liberty-minded organizations have voiced their opposition to the legislation.  Recent news pertaining to fantasy sports sites like Fan Duel and Draft Kings speak strongly to the idea that this is better left to the states that tend to have tough regulatory schemes.    

It is no surprise that the biggest supporters of hearings and a new federal regulatory scheme over fantasy sports come from states that have legalized gaming.  Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada jumped on the federal regulation bandwagon by saying "online gaming is a real scary thing."  Rep. Frank Pallone from New Jersey, home of Atlantic City and its gaming industry, also pounded the table to argue that online fantasy sports raise “the question of whether there are
sufficient consumer and competition safeguards to protect the integrity of these online games.”  

Let us be clear, if the industry needs regulations, it is the responsibility of the states to impose them and to be diligent.  Since the enactment of the Constitution, states have dealt with the issue of gambling.  From Utah and Hawaii, with no form of gambling, to New Jersey and Nevada, which have legalized casinos, this is an issue best served through state and local governments.  

We appreciate the opportunity to share our views and look forward to working with you as federalism is restored to America, especially in its application to the Internet.   

Andrew Langer President Institute for Liberty  
David Williams President Taxpayers Protection Alliance  
Michelle Minton Fellow Competitive Enterprise Institute  
Norm Singleton Senior Vice President Campaign for Liberty  
Thomas A. Schatz President Council for Citizens Against Government Waste  

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