CCAGW Urges Florida Legislators to Oppose House Bill 1431 | Council For Citizens Against Government Waste

CCAGW Urges Florida Legislators to Oppose House Bill 1431

Letters to Officials

Select Committee on Health Innovation 
Florida House of Representatives  
214 House Office Building, 402 South Monroe Street 
Tallahassee, FL 32399 

Dear Representative,

On behalf of the 210,891 members and supporters of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) in Florida, I urge you to oppose HB1431, which will implement an international drug pricing model that would attach U.S. drug prices to foreign markets. This legislation threatens drug innovation and development in the U.S. CCAGW has long opposed price controls that will not lower prices and will lead to fewer future cures.

America is a global leader in drug development, and attaching U.S. drug prices to foreign socialist countries that are subsidized by American innovation will have devastating consequences for patients. Foreign countries should not dictate what Americans pay at the pharmacy or which drugs patients are able to access; patients and their doctors should make these decisions. Patients deserve the right to have access to the best possible care and not be hindered by international drug pricing.

Florida should examine the consequences of rationing of care caused by price controls in other countries. Foreign countries suffering under the guise of price controls have created barriers to access for patients. This legislation is especially concerning for cancer and rare disease patients.

I urge you to oppose HB1431. Price controls are proven to not lower prices, but instead result in shortages and rationing. The human cost and devastating consequences of this legislation should cause it to be rejected by the House of Representatives.


Tom Schatz 
President, CCAGW


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